Every year, J Pack invests resources in research and development. This commitment has made possible to design a line of sealers fitted with a fully automated chamber operation system. Thanks to this innovative system it is possible to seal in a modified atmosphere without using compressed air. This is an environmentally friendly choice that allows concrete savings when it comes to maintenance. Thanks to the high level of customisation, our TSS115-BG and TSS125-BG models can meet the most varied packaging requirements.

The J Pack TSS130 and TSS135 machines for in-line packaging are equipped with the innovative AutoSpeed patent (N 3456), entirely designed and manufactured by J Pack in order to make sealing operations fast and absolutely reliable. Unlike traditional machines, which use a chain system and rods, the J Pack device for loading, translating and ejecting trays is installed at the loading shuttle; it automatically transports the tray during the cycle, and allows streamlining, speeding up and making sealing reliable. By selecting the automatic cycle, it is possible to work continuously through a sensor that detects the presence of trays, and which allows continuous feeding. This speed up the machine operation making the packaging process faster and constant. An increase in productivity at reasonable cost. The J Pack patent also boast a reduced machine size compared to others in the category, offering customers the possibility of installing it even in small shops and laboratories. Sealing automation and accuracy, guaranteed by the AutoSpeed patent, yield a quality seal, which is fundamental for better product storage and longer shelf life.

Infinity is a patented device conceived to meet the flexibility requirements of the professional food packaging sector, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity. With its single modular mould, single machine and single coil, the Infinity system allows sealing a wide range of cardboard and polypropylene trays of different sizes in just a few seconds. This special application is perfect for packaging and keeping food fresh and is particularly suitable for deli stores and supermarkets.