The design and realization of a mould is one of the most important phases in the development of a packaging project. By relying on its advanced sector expertise, our technical team custom-designs and manufactures every mould, and can thus meet the specific packaging needs of each customer.

Modular moulds

The INFINITY modular moulds stand out for their flexibility. These patented moulds allow packaging multiple trays without changing moulds. It is possible to go from one format to another in a few seconds, simply by moving the position of the (middle) bar. The INFINITY moulds have been designed to seal specific sets of PP and cardboard trays.

Moulds with andwithout die-cut

Opting for a die-cut or a no die-cut mould allows us choosing from different aesthetic finishing solutions. In the former case, the film is cut around the perimeter of the tray, following its shape. This solution guarantees excellent results in terms of product finishing and is ideal for products destined to supermarket shelves. Moulds with no die-cut offer greater flexibility and allow for faster format change, though do no shape the film around the tray.

Easy peel

The EASY PEEL mould allows additional customisation of the package finish, since it places a film tab for easy film peeling.

Moulds for multi-compartment trays

We have developed customised solutions for multi-compartment trays, applicable to both die-cut and non-punched moulds.