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Our decades of experience in the food industry has allowed us to develop expertise also in the field of materials used in food packaging. To meet different packaging needs, we offer a wide selection of trays and films designed to guarantee maximum product freshness.


The INFINITY range includes a complete line of trays compatible with our patented modular mould. It is a line of trays specifically designed for supermarkets, deli and take-away stores. The PP series, available in black and clear, is suitable for use in microwave oven. The cardboard tray also allows use in a traditional oven as well as food storage in a freezer.


Since its birth, our company has been steadfastly attentive to environmental issues. We are fully aware of the new environment-related challenges and this is why we are actively engaged in the promotion of sustainable packaging. We offer our customers a range of fully compostable BIO cellulose trays, as well as a range of 100% recyclable cardboard trays.

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