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Infinity is a patented  device, that was born from a JPack project  to respond to the need of flexibility  of the professional  food packaging  segment, by assuring an effective  saving, time and moneywise. The Infinity system, by one unique modular mould, one machine and a reel, allows the user to seal in few seconds a wide range of different  trays sizes, both made of paperboard  and polypropylene.  This special application  offers an ideal service to package and keep food fresh and it is particularly suitable to shops counters.

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Automatic  lines AutoSpeed patent 

The TSS130 and TSS135 JPack machines for the line packaging are provided with the innovative Autospeed patent (N 3456) entirely designed and realized by JPack with the aim to make the sealing operations faster and completely safe. Contrarily to the traditional machines, that use chain and rods moving systems, the JPack tray loading, translating and ejection device, applied to the loading shuttle, automatically takes the tray during the cycle and permits to make the sealing operation easier, quicker and safer.

By selecting the automatic cycle then, there is the chance to continuously work by a sensor that detects the presence of the tray that allows the continuous feeding and makes the machine fast, constant and particularly productive with a low investment.

An additional advantage of the JPack patent is the reduced volume of the machine compared to other of the same category, giving the chance to customers to install in small shops and laboratory as well. The automation and the precision of the sealing, guaranteed by the AutoSpeed patent, allow a sensible increasing of the sealing quality, an essential condition for a better conservation and for prolonging product’s lifecycle.

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Patented Electric Movimentation TSS115-BG

J Pack invests every year part of its incomes in research and development. These efforts have enabled to give birth to a completely electric innovative chamber movimentation system to be applied on our MAP counter thermosealing machine TSS115-BG. In this way, it is possible to thermoseal in modified atmosphere with no need of compressed air.

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