Thanks to OVERSKIN technology, the TSS126 semi-automatic pneumatic thermosealing machine allows not only traditional tray sealing, but also the packaging of protruding products, such as cuts of fine meat or crustaceans, with bulges extending up to 40mm. The technological efficiency of the TSS126 machine can be combined with the new packaging in cardboard with customizable graphics, for innovative sealing with a strong aesthetic impact.
Machine sizes590 x 750 x 1640
Weight~ 190
Absorption~ 3.5
Electric feedingVolt 380V 3P+N+T 16A
Pneumatic feedingbar 6-8
Air consumptionNl/c 13
Gas feedingbar 3
Sealing plate dimensionsmm 420 x 280
Tray max sizesmm 100 (Optional 150)
Film max sizesmm ø250 x 470


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