TSS101- R: electrical semi-automatic thermosealers

TSS101- R: electrical semi-automatic thermosealers

Thanks to its compact size and quick mould change, it is the ideal solution for small deli stores and supermarkets. It is possible to complete the machine with the J Pack-patented INFINITY modular mould or with customized moulds.
Machine sizes and weightmm 240 x 390 h 500 / 20 kg
Tray max sizesTray max sizesmm 205 x 150 h 100
Reel max width and diam.L= 150 - Ø 160 mm
Tray loading and movementManual + Electric
MouldInfinity - Fixed with no die-cut
Mould change
Customizable mould
Film automatic unwinding
Cycle-end acoustic device
Partial and tot. cycle counter
Customized digital sealing programmes9
Voltage - Absorbtion220 V - 550 W


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