TCM101 over-the-counter chamber vacuum sealer

TCM101 over-the-counter chamber vacuum sealer

The vacuum chamber packaging machine TCM101 is equipped with a 300 mm sealing bar and an 8 m3 / h pump. Among the main features, we find the airsoft and marinating functions. Thanks to its small size and the possibility to store up to 9 sealing programs, it is the ideal solution for restaurants, supermarkets, deli stores, and butchers. Also available with gas option.
Machine Sizes and Weightmm 410 x 460 h 430 I 36 kg
Vacuum Chamber Dimensionsmm 310 x 350 x h 190
Sealing BarN° 1 - 300 mm
GAS (optional)
Vacuum Pump8 mc/h
Voltage230 V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption1.00 KW
Technical FeaturesAutomatic vacuum and sealing cycle
Electronic softair
Marinade function
Pump preheating
Cycles counter
Air return with electrovalves
Easy cleaning - Removable sealing bars
Gas option


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